Building an all-new is a major undertaking! Luckily, we have five volunteers who are advising us at every step of the way. The research phase of the project began in June of 2015. We are excited about how the site is developing. The big reveal will be in November.

For their hard work and dedication to this huge project, we highlight our website committee:

Barr Bauer   Barr Bauer, Oracle

john cooperJohn Cooper, Monsanto

Kate DiCarlo  Kate DiCarlo, Proctor and Gamble

Lindsey James  Lindsey James, Visit Mason City

AnilVoraHeadShotColor  Anil Vora, Oracle

This committee has been diligently working and advising the staff throughout the process as we work with an outside company on the development. The goal is to have a site that is an online home for our NFED family. It will be easy to navigate, provide comprehensive information that families need and be mobile friendly!

We salute our crew serving on this committee.  You are valued members of our Helping Hands Program.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact Lea  at 618-566-6871 or fill out our volunteer form.

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