Greetings my friends!

There is a great sense of urgency in this legislative year to move the Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (ELSA) forward.

We need all hands-on deck to join us for the fourth NFED Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill on April 28. This year’s event will again be virtual.

The more the better! But, we hope to have at least 500 advocates participating and representing all 50 states.

We need to make a lot of noise to get ELSA passed in passed in the 117th Congress.

As of 2/15/2021 we have 153 registered attendees for our Virtual Advocacy Day on the Hill.

You know this better than I do.

You and your families live these challenges every day. Many individuals call our office on a daily basis seeking help to get teeth for themselves or their children.

This is a typical mouth of someone who is affected by ectodermal dysplasia. Replacing teeth

Insurance companies regularly deny coverage for teeth even though most states have statutes that require such coverage of congenital defects.

Insurance companies routinely and falsely classify the necessary procedures as ‘cosmetic’. When in the world did simply having teeth become cosmetic in this country?

After years of fighting, families are denied coverage over and over again. Teeth are not cosmetic! And the restoration of congenital defects, including congenital dental/oral defects, must be included in all medical insurance policies.

It is time for this injustice to stop now! And it’s up to us to make that happen.

Three years ago, the NFED embarked on a mission to advocate for federal legislation that would mandate coverage for all medically necessary restorations for ALL individuals affected by a congenital disorder. Led by a strong Family-Driven Advocacy Committee, we continue to work very hard to make this dream a reality.

We need to fight this now. We need you now!

Please join us on April 28.

Register for Virtual Advocacy Day

Together, we can move mountains. Let’s do this in 2021!

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