ImageThe Kelso and Huxman families met in 2006 at the NFED Family Conference in St. Louis. Both have children affected by EEC syndrome and they found an instant connection with one another. Before that conference had ended, they were finishing each other’s sentences; their children were referring to themselves as “cousins”; and they were making plans to see each other in the future despite the fact that the Kelsos lived in California at the time and the Huxmans live in Kansas.

Over the past six years, the Kelsos, Huxmans, and their extended families of grandparents and aunts/uncles have reunited at every Family Conference – often vacationing together beforehand. The Kelsos now live in Virginia and continue to make vacationing with the Huxman family and attending the annual family conference a priority. The story of these families is a testament to the bond that’s created at the NFED Family Conferences and the connections made that last a lifetime.

“Hope to meet all of you! Make “new” friends but keep the “old” ones! A circle is round & has no ends, that is how long we want to be your friend! Join us @ the NFED National Family Conference.”

— Kristen Matus Kelso & Family and DeAnn Huxman & Family

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