The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) will host the International Ectodermal Dysplasias Research Conference: Translating Discovery to Therapy, October 21-24, 2021, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A team of international researchers lead our ectodermal dysplasias classification efforts.

Building on Success

In 2017, a classification nosology based on the genotype, phenotype, mode of inheritance and affected molecular pathways of ectodermal dysplasias was developed through NFED-organized international consensus conferences. This new classification was essential for setting the stage for the next steps for advancing diagnostics and therapeutics.

2021 Conference Goal

This year’s International Ectodermal Dysplasias Research Conference is a way to identify opportunities and overcome barriers with the ultimate goal of advancing early diagnostics and developing novel therapeutic strategies aimed at symptoms that cause significant morbidity in individuals affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

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Attendees & Focus Areas

The conference is by invitation only for researchers and scientists. 

We will bring together a wide variety of cutting-edge researchers across multiple disciplines to share exciting research findings, foster networking and collaboration, and stimulate conversation. All combined, attendees will energize our common goal: more effectively diagnosing and treating ectodermal dysplasias and related diseases.

  • The conference will focus on issues related to hair, skin, eye and craniofacial/dental phenotypes. However, we recognize other affected tissues can markedly impact an individual’s health.
  • Experts will represent fields including stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, gene transfer, protein replacement strategies, skin and corneal erosions, and developmental biology. 
  • We will spotlight researchers with expertise in ectodermal dysplasias and related conditions affecting ectodermal tissues, as well as researchers focused on specific organs or cell types associated with conditions affecting ectodermal tissues.
  • To overcome the challenges of integrating different areas of research, developing collaborations, and bringing therapies to market, we’re inviting experts to address related issues (e.g. FDA representation and pharmaceutical companies). These key stakeholders can help formulate approaches to move the science and therapies forward.

Meeting Format

Given the uncertainty of travel this year, the conference will be a hybrid meeting with the keynote speakers and critical researchers/clinicians present on site with others invited to participate virtually. This approach enables us to have people from all nations to participate, including students and postdoctoral fellows.

Registration for this event is closed.

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