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WNT10A is a member of the WNT proteins family that is essential for the formation of tissues that arise from the ectoderm, including skin, hair, nails, teeth, and sweat glands. WNT10A is particularly important for the formation and shaping of both baby (primary) teeth and adult (permanent) teeth.

boy affected by OODD syndrome
This boy is affected by OODD syndorme.

Changes in the DNA) in WNT10A can cause different ectodermal dysplasias:

  • hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED)
  • odonto-onycho-dermal dysplasia (OODD) syndrome
  • Schopf-Schulz-Passarge syndrome (SSPS)

In this article, you will learn about WNT proteins. Also, read how WNT10 causes each of the three syndromes above and the symptoms for each. Finally, learn what treatment is suggested.

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