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Topic: Skin, Types
Papillomas in Goltz syndrome appear on the knee of a child affected by the condition.

Papillomas are a common skin issue for individuals affected by Goltz syndrome. In this library article, Dr. Cory Jonak describes Goltz syndrome and the different body parts and systems it can affect.

Papillomas are growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. Download the full article to learn more about what colors they are, where they typically can be found on the body and when they appear. Usually, children are a few years old before the papillomas begin to appear.

These benign, wart-like growths can cause different issues depending on size and location. Dr. Jonak explains what those issues are and when you need to seek medical attention.

Treating Papillomas in Goltz Syndrome

Doctors are still learning about different ways to treat papillomas. You do have many different treatment options, depending on the papillomas’ location. This article will explain in greater detail what these treatments are and when they are typically used.

What type of doctor do you need to see?

Because papillomas in Goltz syndrome can appear in so many places on the body, the type of doctor you see will vary. Find out which physicians you need to see to best manage the papillomas.

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