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Dear NFED Family and Friends,

I would like to personally welcome you to the 19th Annual Halloween Bash.

Keith and I, along with Bruce and Alice, and our team of 50+ committee members, would like to say THANK YOU for your continued support and let you know we truly appreciate you taking the time to visit this page.

As always, we’re so grateful for your continuing support of the NFED. Without your kindness and generosity, we would be unable to continue assisting individuals and families affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

We are so proud to say that since the creation of the Halloween Bash, we have raised over $4 million dollars for the NFED. What an accomplishment! Our goal is to raise an additional $150,000 for the NFED this year.

You can learn more about the three ways you can support the Halloween Bash this year. You can check out the auction here.

Please make a donation to Halloween Bash today. The funds raised through the Halloween Bash helps the NFED host medical conferences, fund research, and provide support for affected individuals and families.

With much gratitude,

Ruth and Keith Geismar
Alice and Bruce Geismar

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Ruth & Keith Geismar

Alice & Bruce Geismar

Event Committee Members

Geri Allen
JoAnne Alter
Francis Alter
Holly Amsterdam
Jill Beer
Claudia Philips Borg
Steven Boughner
Susan Boughner
Karen Callaghan
Betsy Chairman
Farin Chasin
Jennifer Schultz Cohen
Anne Corwin
Paul Corwin
Seth Ferris
Sara Freiberg
Jennifer Geismar
Cynthia Grayson
Carol Hanover
Sandy Hyman
Steffanie Hyman
Laurie Quinn Knapic
Allison Sealove Laskowitz
Elizabeth Beil Lewis

Elliot Merberg
Jill Mesologites
Jennifer Mihajlov
Rob Mihajlov
Lynne Negron
Donna Newton
Alan Olsen
Dee Dee Olsen
Steven Reif
Dr. Jonathan Richter
Barbara Russo
Deborah Russo
Deirdre Russo
Dr. Mark Russo
Yvette Glick Shukat
Penny Shatz
Sabrina Simon
Elyssa Slutzky
Wendi Diamond Sullimani
Lorrie Vaccaro
Rowena Villaruel
Bill Wilkinson
Roma Wilkinson


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