How Hair Made Me Confident

Charlotte Smith knows what it’s like to be a young woman with thin hair. Learn her best hair tips and how having hair has changed her.

The Olive Kids Don’t Sweat It

Auggie and Dakota Olive have hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, but they don’t sweat it. Hear how they overcame multiple obstacles and swam their way to the national championships.

Cyprian – A Voice in Action in Africa

They dissed him. Called him names. Made fun of his appearance. Their voices rang in his ears every day. Voices filled with ridicule and hate. And for what reason? Simply because he was affected by a rare disorder. One day, Cyprian Katongo chose to listen to different voices. His life of suffering took a new direction….one he defines as H.E.D.

How I Diagnosed Myself With a Rare Disorder

Erica Green is a young woman who spent her life without a name or explanation as to why her teeth were missing and different. Because she presented “normally,” no doctor or dentist ever had answers or a name. Then, she broke her denture and sent her on a journey to self-diagnosis.

What’s Emotion Got To Do With It?

Kaitlyn Squibb knew all the ways that x-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia affected her body. But, she’s finding strength as she learns how it impacts her emotions, too.