Oliver wakes up every morning with the biggest smile in the world even though he has only six teeth. He’s affected by hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Last Tuesday, Oliver received his dentures and he is thrilled! Now his usual big smile is even bigger.

Matt and Vanessa make a great team.
Matt and Vanessa make a great team.

In honor of Oliver, his parents, Matt and Vanessa Nehrkorn, recently held their first Don’t Sweat It Walk/Run in Oregon. Their efforts raised almost $9,000 for the NFED. Way to go!

We thank everyone who participated, donated and sponsored the event. We are grateful for the other NFED families who came out in support. The Nehrkorns would love to have even more families get involved in their 2017 event.

Let’s hear it for the Nehrkorns!

Check out Nehrkorn’s video from the Walk.

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