Ever wondered who exactly is that person at the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) who helped you with that treatment application? Or, listened to you on the phone? Who first talked to you all about ectodermal dysplasia?

It’s your NFED team. We’re a mighty crew of six women. We couldn’t be more different. And that’s a good thing! But we are the same in one way. The most important way. The six of us are passionate about families affected by ectodermal dysplasia and doing what we can to help you.

Since we typically get to learn about you, we thought it was our time to share. This is us.

Mary Fete

Tim and I try to watch as much Cardinals baseball as we can!

Hi, I’m Mary Fete. I have the honor and privilege to serve as the NFED Executive Director. I have been a part of this community for 16 years and you are my second family. As the Executive Director, I am responsible for overseeing the whole gig, including administration, programs and the strategic plan of the organization (along with the Board of Directors). I’m also very involved in fundraising, community outreach, research and our treatment programs.

My entire family all got together recently for a vacation. It was great to all be together.

My husband, Tim, and I have five children and 14 grandchildren. My, where does the time go! I love just hanging out with my kids and their families and I really like being outside, gardening, hiking, walking and biking. And, I LOVE the St. Louis Cardinals. Tim and I also love to travel and discover new places.

Family is everything to me. That is why I love you all so much!  My favorite part of being at the NFED is getting to know you whether in person, on the phone or by email.  So feel free to give me a call and I can fill you in on all of the NFED work.

Kelley Atchison

Here’s Jeff and I with our girls, Kate (top) and Jane (bottom).

I have spent nearly 17.5 years doing a little of everything for NFED families. I currently lead the Family Conference and Advocacy Day on the Hill committees. I mostly enjoy the opportunity to meet and speak with all of our awesome families. It warms my heart to hear from everyone and receive updates on your families. Answering your questions keeps me busy! I love knowing how your little ones are growing, the successes they have in school or just about your lives. The craziest thing I have experienced at the NFED is watching my very first group of teens enter their adult life, jobs, marriages and babies, OH MY!

Jane and Kate came to work with me one day. As you can see, they made themselves right at home! Guess they were tired after collating all of those family packets.

My husband, Jeff, and I are raising our two daughters, Jane and Kate. They keep us laughing on most occasions. But we’ve now entered the teen life, so we just go with the day. They are both very active in school and with their friends and have a love for shoes! Our oldest, Jane, attended the NFED Family Conference in 2016 as a volunteer. They both plan to attend the 2019 Family Conference. They help me out at the office in the summer preparing Conference materials. We spend our summer nights either fishing at our pond, working in our garden or around our fire-pit making s’mores! Jeff and I have a love for attending country music concerts.

Brittany Campbell

I seek funding for all of NFED programs and activities. I search for new funding opportunities, asks people for money, coordinate with the Development Committee for campaigns, writes grants, organizes NFED-led events and solicits sponsors. While I love finding creative ways to raise money, my favorite part of my job is hearing how the money I helped raise has impacted so many people’s lives for the better.

This is my husband, Dan.

While I enjoy incorporating creativity into my daily tasks for the NFED, I also embrace creativity in my family life. My husband and three kids are all avid arts enthusiasts. My husband, Dan, and I are huge music fans. He’s a local musician who has been playing in the St. Louis area for over 25 years. We love to see live music whenever possible. I also enjoy spending time with my family at one of the many local art fairs, festivals, parks, or amazing restaurants that St. Louis has to offer. I consider my family’s 1940’s bungalow my art project. I love painting, gardening and making DIY updates to the house whenever possible.

Jodi Edgar Reinhardt

These are my loves: Alana, Ben (in back), Jett and Brad. We were standing in line in the 100 degree temperatures to see our first rock concert as a family.

For 24 years, I have called the NFED my second home and family. (I’m not counting the two summers I worked here before than as an intern or you would really think I’m old!) I’ve done a little of everything at NFED from cleaning bathrooms to running fundraising events. But, currently I’m the Director of Marketing and Communications and resident historian. I tweet, Facebook, email, photograph, create videos, and write to share your stories and raise awareness. I feel blessed to be able to follow my calling in life which is helping ectodermal dysplasias families. My favorite part of my job is seeing the families at Family Conference and watching all the kiddos grow up. A privilege indeed.

Traveling to New York City to see Bruce was awesome!

I live in Belleville, Ill. with my hubby, Brad, and our tribe of three: Alana, 20; Ben, 17 and Jett, the 14-year-old who runs the household. I bliss out when it’s just the five of us doing anything – or nothing – together. I enjoy searching for the best veggie sandwich ever, meditating, running and telling Brad to quit driving so fast. I’m an ‘80s girl at heart so I love rocking out to Sammy Hagar, Bruce Springsteen and Cher. My dream is to live at the beach and watch beautiful sunsets every night.

Kayla Hollenkamp

We took this picture at my daughter’s baptism. Steve is holding Reed and I have Bailee.

I am the Administrative Assistant. My job duties range anywhere from simply answering phones to planning the logistics of staff and council meetings. I also do database clean up, Family Conference registration entries, helping with treatment programs and so much more.  I am very detail oriented and appreciate a challenge. I enjoy connecting with our families and helping them navigate our treatment programs. One of her favorite things about working for the NFED is traveling for conference and meeting our families face to face.

The NFED crew loves when these two cuties visit the office.

My husband, Steve, and I live in Mascoutah, Ill. with our two kids, Reed (age three) and Bailee (five months). We also have two dogs, a Corgi and Husky mix. Steve works in upper management for Menards, Inc, which is a Midwestern home improvement store. Besides spending as much family time as we can, I enjoy reading, horseback riding, gardening and many other outdoor activities.


Lea Richardson

This is my family: Tom, Angelique and I.

I started out as a volunteer for several years, translating French, Dutch, and German correspondence and a Dutch video which Mary Kaye Richter, the founder of the NFED, had received. When a paid job came open, I applied and have been full-time employed since 2011 in different capacities. In 2016, I became the Volunteer Engagement and Family Fundraising Manager. I am responsible for working with families to raise money by helping them create, plan and support their events. I encourage families to volunteer, especially at the Family Conference and reach out to the NFED community and local communities to promote volunteer opportunities. I process all donations, matching gifts, gift-in-kind, recurring gifts, and take care of other numerous administrative tasks. I am still the database administrator.

This was taken the day I became a U.S. citizen 11 years ago.

I have been married for 35 years to my wonderful husband, Tom. We have one daughter, Angelique, who lives in Atlanta, Ga. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and became a U.S. Citizen in 2007. My favorite part of my job is connecting with people and making a positive and a significant life changing difference in someone’s life affected by ectodermal dysplasias. Supporting you. Supporting each other.

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  1. 1
    Clay Montgomery on July 21, 2018

    This is the best group of people and they are in the right spot for sure, helping those of us that deal with ectodermal dysplasias! Very grateful for this entire team and always a pleasure to see them in person!

    1. 2
      Jodi Edgar Reinhardt on July 23, 2018

      Thank you, Clay, for the nice words! We appreciated all that you did for Day on the Hill. Hugs to your little man!

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