By Lea Richardson, Community Engagement Manager

The NFED recently joined Pinterest and I have been amazed at the number of inspirational quotes for and about volunteers.  Some are so great in fact, that I thought I’d share some with you.

Some quotes are words of wisdom while others can be attributed to the wise people who dedicated their lives to service.  Whether you are inspired by the words or the person, take this chance to think of the difference you can make in the future of the NFED by giving some of your time in some way by volunteering for us.

The NFED really needs you.  Be the change and be part of building a strong foundation for future generations to come.

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When you volunteer, it is sometimes difficult to explain to others why you do what you do. Why spend time having a lemonade or baked goody stand in the summer when you could be at the beach or playing with your friends?

Why spend months preparing for a family fundraising event,  gala, or a Don’t Sweat it Walk/Run when you can watch TV in your recliner?  Why spend time to be on a committee or board or plan the Family Conference?  Why take time out of your busy schedule and help with insurance kits, media kits, fundraising kits, volunteer kits or advocacy?

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As a volunteer you know there is nothing more rewarding or beneficial than helping those affected by ectodermal dysplasias.  It’s really all about supporting you, supporting each other.

You are making a tremendous difference in someone’s life.  You are making your mark because every moment matters!

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“Having a child with a rare disorder required me to redefine myself and I lost a part of myself in the process.  Hosting a walk forced me to step outside my comfort zone, but when the walk was over, I realized I found a part of me I thought was gone.  I got my mojo back.”

~ Gretchen Golub (mom of a child with a rare disorder).

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Join us! Go to our website and sign up to volunteer .  Are you interested in volunteering / fundraising? You can also contact  and/ or or call Lea directly at 618-566-6871.

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