By Cyprian Katongo, Jr.

It’s indeed a great feeling to have that sense of belonging, not having to force oneself to fit in. Trying to be like others.

Being oneself is better. Listening to advice when wrongs are done is wise in the long run. The focus on being yourself is very important. That makes one to discover who he/she is, finding that great potential to make it in life. Of course, being very realistic that not all dreams can happen very fast.

Some take time to work, what matters is not giving up on them. Continue working very hard, not minding what others think and say, not understanding you for who you are. 

Their bad words not moving you, making you lose focus. Their disses can be very hurtful, their focus on what one lacks. In the end, bullies and people who make fun of others for being different do that, because they are not very happy in their lives. So, they take it upon those whom they see, can be hurt easily.

A great reminder, that such should be taken very serious, words will always be that.

Standing up for what is right is very important, making the best out of life is indeed a great feeling. Understanding despite being born different, one is very blessed.

Accepting Yourself

Being born with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED), I have taken time to fully accept myself. I was born like this. I have to love my life

Doing so, makes one to realize that, trying to be like others to fit in, one lives other people’s lives. They say all sorts of names, or the feeling and thinking I won’t be seen very cool not being like others.

Be You

It’s better to be uncool to others and be very cool to oneself. Be yourself and let those who really love and want the best for you become first people in your life, the ones who are very important.

Love your loved ones who love you very much. It is still a hardship, to cover all aspects of this condition, as many people still don’t know about it. We thank God for this group and the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED). 

Stay blessed everyone. Much love, from Zambia.

Cyprian Katongo is a guest blogger for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias. He lives in Zambia and is affected by hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

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One comment on “Be Cool to Oneself”

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    Cyprian Katongo Jr on October 26, 2019

    The road to success is not very easy, having a real and strong mindset in understanding that things in life don’t always go your way, is vital to one to fully value the need, “let me make the best out of life. ” Not dwelling too much on what other people say, people will always talk negatively, what one does with the negatives is what matters, here the view being turning those into positive, in the process make a difference in the world.

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